Monthly Archives: April 2020

Estate Planning by Zoom

Within the last few weeks, Missouri’s governor issued Executive Order 20-08 authorizing notarization and witnessing of document signing by video conference. This is a stark (although likely temporary) break from the traditional requirement that a notary and witnesses be physically present with the individual signing documents. So what does this mean? Estate planning can be done by video conference. Meetings between attorney and client can of course be carried out by video conference (or phone) and now the signing of the documents, which has always required an in-person office meeting, can be accomplished by video. There is not a better (or easier!) time to consider a Will, Trust, Power of Attorney and similar documents. We offer free initial consultations (video, phone), all fixed fees (no surprise hourly bills) and seamless video completion of all documents.

Now Is the Time to Do Estate Planning

Estate planning has never been easier. A recent special executive order from Missouri’s governor has authorized online notarization and witnessing of important legal documents.  This new legal change, coupled with readily accessible video conferencing in each stage of the process, makes getting in place a Will, Trust, Power of Attorney and/or Health Care Directive easier than it’s ever been.  The entire process can now take place by video conference or phone call with no need to make an office visit.  Estate planning is critically important for individuals and families as they plan for their finances and the well-being of their family amidst life’s uncertainties. Now, it’s also pretty darn easy.

Estate Planning During COVID-19 Pandemic (Easier Than You Think)

We are in unique and challenging times. We are social distancing, staying at home and adjusting to abnormal working and personal conditions. As we do our best to stay healthy and help keep others healthy, many people are also giving renewed consideration to having a proper estate planning in place. Indeed, a Will, General Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directive and Health Care Power of Attorney (and in many cases, a Revocable Trust) are important to have in place.  These documents plan for circumstances of incapacity or death and are important in any environment—but for many, these feel a bit more pressing right now. Fortunately, estate planning can be done quick and seamlessly during this time. In fact, in many instances, we can prepare and even have signed all documents without you needing to leave your home. Video conferencing and electronic notarization (recently authorized by executive order in Missouri) offer reliable and legally enforceable methods to get the right documents in place while staying healthy and comfortable. We offer free initial consultations by phone (and by video conference) and are committed to expedite estate planning documents to ensure your peace of mind and legal protection.