How Much Do Lawyers Charge? Flat Fees vs. Hourly Billing

In the course of my practice, I have learned the value that “flat fee” billing has to my clients. If you ask people what their least favorite part of working with their lawyer is, very often their answer will center on fees, the “billable hour” and increments of those hours that force them to worry about even calling their lawyer! Perhaps worse yet, clients can be left not having any idea what their final bill will be! At Schleiffarth Law Firm LLC, we charge only flat fees. Additionally, initial consultations are free of charge. My clients (and potential clients) can come in, meet with me for an hour, discuss their concerns, questions or case and leave with a precise fee agreement. Or they can even decide to not hire me (hopefully this is rare!) and there will be no bill, no charge, no fee. I have discovered that billing transparency, clearly defined fees and free consultations lead to happy clients.