Do I Need a Lawyer for a Business Contract in Missouri?

Most companies or businesses enter into a number of written agreements or contracts in connection with operating their business.  Such contracts may include commercial real estate leases, supplier agreements, partnership agreements, service agreements, customer contracts and numerous other types of written agreements.  While every business owners is anxious to save money and cut costs where possible, the importance of thorough and well-drafted business agreements cannot be overstated.  Poorly written or misunderstood contracts are often the source of costly business disputes and lost revenue.  On the other hand, clear, concise and well-drafted contracts provide the assurance and legal positioning to help a company move forward confidently—while minimizing the likelihood of future disputes, lawsuits and other problems.

At Schleiffarth Law Firm, we work hard for our business clients.  We also recognize the need to be efficient in what we do and to be aware of limited client budgets for legal fees.  In every transaction, we make it a priority protect our clients’ interest, provide top-level representation and also stay within the budget and resources of our client.


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