Real Estate Law

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Schleiffarth Law Firm LLC serves its clients in numerous areas of both commercial and residential real estate. We represent clients ranging from businesses with periodic real estate matters, to real estate developers, to individuals facing personal real estate-related issues. We work diligently for our clients, no matter the size, in matters including:

Purchase or Sale of Property

We handle everything related to the purchase or sale of property. From contract preparation and negotiation through closing, we work hard for our clients to make real estate acquisition (or sale) as simply as possible while protecting their interests and reaching the best possible outcomes.


We help our clients identify problems, concerns and potential liability issues on both sides of a lease. Our firm represents businesses, real estate investors and developers, landlords and individuals and we handle both commercial and residential matters. We prepare and negotiate leases for our clients as well as review existing or proposed leases.

Real Estate Investing

Our firm represents real estate investors in a broad range of matters, including document preparation and review, financing issues, closing of sale, alternative financing and investing procedures, and general counsel and legal advice.

Zoning and Subdivision

We work with city and county governments to ensure that your land use goals are met and your interests are protected. Our expertise include zoning changes, special use permits applications, subdivisions and lot consolidations.

Real Estate Disputes

Our firm handles all types of real estate disputes including boundary disputes, easement disputes, bank disputes, lease disputes and tax disputes. We work hard to settle real estate issues and get our clients the results they want.

Tenant Disputes and Evictions

We represent landlords and property owners in tenant disputes, evictions and related matters.

Real Estate Financing

We provide full representation regarding lending matters relating to real estate. We prepare and negotiate promissory notes and deeds of trust (mortgages) for both commercial business clients and residential property owners or investors.

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